Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Proven and Published Sandwich ELISA Kits

Growing Catalog of ELISA Kits

We are partnering with RayBiotech to manufacture our ELISA Kits. They have proven valuable additions to our Cell Based Assay solutions.

Neuromics has been built on a foundation of quality. RayBiotech's commitment to quality includes compliance to GLP/GMP FDA and ISO9000 regulations.
ELISA Kits Sample Data

Figure: Induction of proinflammatory cytokines is attenuated in CX3CL1−/− mice expressing sFKN. TNFα and IL-1β concentrations were measured using standard ELISA techniques for VM lysates. a, TNFα concentrations were upregulated following MPTP administration (three-way ANOVA; F(1, 23) = 18.36, ★★★p < 0.001). Comparatively, CX3CL1−/− mice expressing sFKN in the SNpc had significantly lower concentrations of TNFα relative to mFKN (Tukey's HSD; ***p < 0.001) and GFP (Tukey's HSD; ###p < 0.001) expressing mice. There were no significant differences between sFKN and WT-MPTP (Tukey's HSD; p = 0.384) or mFKN and GFP (Tukey's HSD; p = 0.773). b, The IL-1β concentrations in the VM were significantly upregulated for mice exposed to MPTP (three-way ANOVA; F(1, 23) = 11.97, ★★★p = 0.002). Similar to the pattern of TNFα, IL-1β concentrations in CX3CL1−/− mice expressing sFKN were significantly blunted compared to both mFKN (Tukey's HSD; ***p = 0.001) and GFP (Tukey's HSD; ###p < 0.001). As was observed with TNFα, there were no significant differences in IL-1β concentrations between WT-MPTP and sFKN (Tukey's HSD; p = 0.785) or mFKN and GFP (Tukey's HSD; p = 0.845) expressing mice. Data are presented as the mean ± SEM.

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