Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Growing Value of Cancer Associated Fibroblasts or CAFS

Balancing Supply and Demand

There is reciprocal communication between Cancer Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) and tumor cells. They are now recognized as playing a key role in promoting the malignant process and blocking immune surveillance  They are becoming increasing important in Cancer Drug Discovery Programs.

Their growing value is making it harder for us to source resected tumors. We have been receiving advanced orders from clients who need to insure they have a stock. We have ordered tumors for the below CAFs and will be shipping to those who have place advance orders by the end of November.

NameCatalog #TypeSpeciesApplicationsSizePrice
Human Colorectal Tumor CAFs KitCAF05Human Primary CAFsHCell Assays1,000,000 cells$799
Human Endometrial Adenocarcinoma CAFsCAF01Human Primary CAFsHCell Assays1,000,000 cells$799
Human Ovarian Serous Tumor CAFsCAF02Human Primary CAFsHCell Assays1,000,000 cells$799
Human Lung Adenocarcinoma CAFsCAF07AHuman Primary CAFsHCell Assays1,000,000 cells$799
Human Lung Squamous Cell Tumor CAFsCAF07SCHuman Primary CAFsHCell Assays1,000,000 cells$799
Human Immortalized Pancreatic CAF-Stellate CellsCAF08Human Primary CAFsHCell Assays500,000 Immortized Cells$4,335
Human Pancreatic Tumor Cells KitPXPC3A1Cells+Media KitHCell Assays1,000,000 cells$499
Conditioned Media for Ovarian Serous Tumor CAFSCAF04Cell Growth MediaHCell Assays5 ml$250
Conditioned Media from Endometrial CAFSCAF03Cell Growth MediaHCell Assays5 ml$250
VitroPlus III, low serum, completePC00B1-100Cell Growth MediaHCell Assays100 ml
500 ml
Image: Endometrial CAFs courtesy of Tiana Tonrey, Vitro Biopharma

Should have questions about availability and ship dates for any of these please call (612-801-1007) or e-mail: Thank you.
Pete Shuster, CEO, Neuromics

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