Friday, April 04, 2014

Osteoblast Activators and Musculoskeletal Disease Assays

We now have the ability to precisely test human Osteoblast activating agents. Tools available include:

  1.  Live cell screening
  2. Quantibody Bone Metabolism Arrays
  3. PCR
  4. Flow Cytometry
  5. Immunostaining
  6. Western Blotting
This means we can generate data that provides you a clear picture of the effects of small molecules/compounds on the activation, expansion and migration of Osteoblasts. Here's an example.

Image: Activin A expression from Osteoblasts treated with Activators vs Controls

We will soon be releasing a turn-key assay for Osteoporosis Drug Discovery. We can also run custom assays that fit your specific requirements. To learn more, you can call (612-801-1007) or e-mail: Thank you. Pete Shuster, CEO and Owner, Neuromics.

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