Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mu Opioid Receptor, Aging and Immune Response

Mu Opioid Receptors (MOR) play an integral role in modulating perception of pain. Our Opioid Receptor and Opioid Neuropeptide Antibodies have been widely used and extensively published by Pain Researchers.

Here researchers determine a pivotal role of synaptic IGF-1R/Fyn signaling controlled by MOR downstream signaling cascades were crucial for the age-dependent neuroimmune modulation following traumatic stress: Hui Zhao, Xiaocong Zhao, Xiaoding Cao and Gencheng Wu. Age-Dependent Neuroimmune Modulation of IGF-1R in the Traumatic Mice. Immunity & Ageing 2012, 9:12 doi:10.1186/1742-4933-9-12.

Highlights: Fyn activity, as well as its molecular connection with IGF-1R was dependent on MOR, on account of that their coupling was obviously not able to be observed when lack of MOR, accordingly, there was not improvement from the immuno-suppression mediated by traumatic stress in MOR (−/−) mice. Likewise, there was not remarkable change in MOR expression, as well as the association of MOR with IGF-1R or Fyn in the synaptic zone. Then, it is plausible that a characteristic feature of IGF-1R was probably due to age-dependent Fyn activation that was triggered by MOR signaling cascades, this specialized process was mainly concentrated within synaptic zone and might contribute to the recovery from traumatic stress mediated immuno-suppression.

Images: MOR expression during traumatic stress. 2-month and 1-year mice were killed 1 and 3 days after traumatic stress (n = 5 for each group), synaptoneurosome from frontal cortex was prepared, Western blot analysis was used to detect MOR expression (A). Immunoprecipitation was used to analyze alterations of MOR and IGF-1R/Fyn interaction. The immunoprecipitation antibody was anti-Fyn (B) or anti-IGF-1R (D) and the immunoblotting antibody was anti-MOR. Panel C and E depict quantitative analysis of B and D respectively. Data are presented as percentage of control, values represent mean ± SD for 3 independent experiments. Con: control; T3: 3 days after trauma.

I will continue to post new applications for our MOR antibodies.

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