Wednesday, March 21, 2007

APJ (Apelin Receptor) in the Gut

Great Image of our APJ-Catalog#:MO15011
Image: Confocal microscopy of rabbit gastric gland distinguishing the distribution of HDC and the apelin receptor. Green pseudocolor: FITC-coupled polyclonal anti-HDC ab. Red pseudocolor: TRITC-coupled monoclonal anti-APJ receptor ab. Two cells in this gland show specific anti-AJP receptor and anti-HDC staining. Right: a higher magnification scan of the cell in the top right corner of the left panel showing peripheral APJ receptor localization and central perinuclear HDC staining. Physiol. Genomics 25: 153-165, 2006

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An effective antagonist of apelin receptor (Ki = 82 nM; IC50 = 93 nM) that antagonizes the inhibitory affect of [Pyr1]-Apelin-13 on forskolin-induced cAMP accumulation in CHO-K1-APJ cells. MM 54