Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Excellent Neural Stem Cell Data and images

We would like to thank Drs. Walter Low and Jing Xiao of the University of Minnesota for providing these excellent images from experiments using select Neuromics' Neural Stem Cell Reagents

Figure1 and Figure2
Customer Data generated using Neuromics' Neural Stem Cell Kit Catalog #: NP37100. Data Courtesy of Walter Low and Jing Xiao, University of Minnesota
Neural progenitor cells were plated and maintained in Proliferation Media (Figure 1). For differentiation, cells were added to 4 well chamber slides, grown in proliferation media for 24 hours and then switched to Commitment Media with various growth factors added. Cells were cultured for 14 days and then processed by immunocytochemistry. Figure 2 shows representative data from 1 experiment using bFGF/EFG (figure 2B) for differentiation.

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